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German Shepherd Facts For the New Owner

Owning a German Shepherd may have long been a dream you have been nursing, and now is the right time for you to research and purchase the ideal dog to become a part of your family. Owning a German Shepherd is a wonderful experience, and anyone who shares their lives and their homes with this magnificent dog will never be sorry.

German Shepherd Facts About Behavior

When you bring a German Shepherd into your home, and you have children, most times you will have a natural protector living with you. A German Shepherd fact that has most people wanting to own one, is that they are ideal family dogs and are wonderful around children. Of course there are exceptions to every rule, but you can usually count on this breed of dog to seamlessly fit into family life.

German Shepherd facts that all owners need to be aware of, is that they are active dogs and will need to have some sort of job in order for them to feel fulfilled. A job for a German shepherd can be basic obedience training. When you train your German shepherd dog in basic obedience, you will have a wonderful companion that will be able to accompany you and your family anywhere. A well behaved dog is always a welcome addition, and you can take the well behaved shepherd on vacation with you as long as they are permitted in your vacation getaway.

NEWS FLASH - 2014-12-18

All owners should be educated about certain German Shepherd facts that can affect their living with you. These dogs are extremely smart and if not properly handled, and taught their place in the family, they can exhibit aggressive behavior. Socializing your dog when he is a puppy and introducing him/her to new people, places and situations can help alleviate many behavioral problems that may crop up later.

German Shepherd Facts About Medical Problems

A German Shepherd fact you should also be aware of is the problem of your dogĄ¯s hips. German shepherds are prone to having hip displaysia, so before you purchase a puppy, ensure that the parents have been certified by the OFA, which is an organization that is dedicated to promoting proper hip health in animals.

A German Shepherd fact about feeding your puppy, is to keep them thin while they are growing. The less stress you put on the skeletal system and the muscalture during growth can only benefit your dog in the long run. You can speak to your veterinarian about adding a supplement especially for joint care. You should also research the proper food you should feed your German Shepherd. Many commercial blends of dog food do not have the proper types of protein and can do more harm than good. Be sure you do your research on the facts about German Shepherd and food and talk to your veterinarian or a German Shepherd breeder about the best food to feed your pup.

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