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Considering Care Of A Chow Chow Puppy

If you have considered the care of a chow chow puppy as an option for having a pet, it's little surprise. These dogs are quite unique, with tongues that are blue-black and rounded ears. These dogs come in two varieties, a short-haired version, and one with longer hair, which looks as if it has a mane, giving it a very lion-like appearance. People who consider the care of a chow chow puppy often see this dog as a living teddy bear. However, these dogs are quite different from living teddy bears, and it helps to know what it's like to care for a chow chow puppy before getting one.


Knowing the history of the chow chow is key to understanding why it looks and acts the way it does. This particular breed was made in China and Mongolia, and was bred not for use as pets, but as a dog for hunting and pulling loads, as well as for food and fur. This is why these dogs are smart, durable, and beautiful. Keep in mind that if you're considering the care of a chow chow puppy, these dogs were more used as a working breed that just happened to make beautiful pets as well.


NEWS FLASH - 2014-12-19

Please note that among the features listed of a chow chow, cuddliness is not one. For those considering the care of a chow chow puppy, understand that they are dogs that are closer to cats in personality, prone to being aloof. Proper care of a chow chow puppy often requires a one-person household, since these pets often do not take well to attention from a lot of strangers. For those with small children, the kids should be taught that the chow chow doesn't like having attention forced upon it, as it will act aggressive.


When trying to train and care for a chow chow puppy, you should understand that these dogs often require a patient, firm trainer in order to teach them to behave. These dogs are smart and willful, and as a result, need convincing to take part in any training. However, because they are so smart, these dogs will learn quickly once they decide to let themselves be trained.

A Loyal Dog

Even without training, however, choosing to care for a chow chow puppy means that you will ultimately end up with a loyal beautiful dog. There's a bright side to this dog's personality, and that's if he feels its family is threatened, a chow chow will aggressively protect the family. Of course, the flip side is that visitors to the house need to take care not to make the dog think this. That said, if you take care to remember the dog's temperament, to care for a chow chow puppy is a great choice to make.

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